Renewal of Wedding Vows

The mood of this ceremony is one of festivity and well being. You are here to celebrate your wonderful good fortune and inevitability of it all, how wonderful it is that you two got together and how deliciously right it feels to love one another. In this ceremony the point is not so much to emphasize the challenges of marriage as to delight in the pure miracle that any two people could so happily find and so joyfully come home to one another.

Love really is something over which we have no control. We can need it, wish for it, long for it; but all on our own, even with rigid self-discipline, we cannot insist it into being. Therefore, when love finds us, when the person we simply can’t live without crosses our path, it is truly a gift.

When we think of love we sometimes talk about people who deserve one another. Not only do _____________and______________deserve one another, but you two are a perfect match, a pair, a fit, two hybrid peas in a pod; and their marriage was inevitability. They were given to one another and fell so deeply in love that they had no choice.


So let this day be a day of gladness, thanksgiving, possibility, and great good fortune for all of us, but especially for _____________and_____________, Who are coming together to demonstrate the wonder of love through the celebration of renewing their wedding vows.

We all live in the hope of loving and being loved, and any sign of the blossoming of love is a true inspiration. Therefore we give thanks for the sweet happiness of ___________________and _________________. Their belief in the destiny of their love is inspiring.

Marriage is a very special place the sheltered environment in which we can endlessly explore ourselves in the presence of another and in which we can offer the possibility of the true reflection of another. We are so happy that__________

And ______________have found one another, that they know in their souls how perfectly matched they are, and that they are again choosing each other as a beautiful reflection of each other’s essence. We ask that the vision they had years ago that radiant power that first brought them together will always be with them in the light of all light, the love of all love.

A Reading or poem may be read at this time by the officiant or read by the couple to each other.

The Address:

Out of the routine of ordinary life the extraordinary has happened. You had no idea that you would stumble upon one another at (include here a short paragraph on how you met….)

So today is a celebration for the rest of us, for it is also a pleasure for us to see love in bloom, to participate and witness in your vow renewal.

Therefore , ______________and___________________, we thank you. Thanks for showing us that love can bloom, that marriage is a worthy enterprise, and that

Love is what matters. It is the love you feel for one another that was answer to all your difficulties. Love will be the miracle always inviting you to learn, to blossom, to expand. As you know love has seasons, your relationship is a progression, and that love will prevail. Continue the endless generosity of spirit that is needed to nourish one another’s soul and sweetly keep the promises you make here today.

Renewing Your Vows:

(also see vow selections, or some couples read their original weddings vows)

Groom: My dearest, ___________________, I stand here once more and see you, not as bride-to-be, but as wife, You are my friend, my confessor, my lover, and my opponent. I hold you tighter than before, for now I know what I would lose were I to let you go. I come to renew vows and to say I would do it all over again and again. Yes, in the sweet times and the hard times, in sickness and in health. Whenever I had a need you were there, whenever I was weak, you were strong. You helped me grow and let me fail, but never failed me. I will love you forever, because you have become a part of me I cannot dare to lose. I loved you as my bride, I adore you as my wife and companion.

Bride: Heart of my heart, I take you by the hand and hold on tight. You are that one that did not get away. You took me to heart, championed my causes, and dried my tears. We truly have grown together as one. The love I felt as your new bride is now stronger and more complete as you stand as my husband. Yes I would do it all over again. I love you truly.

Optional ceremonies at this time:

Annointed hands, Unity candle, Sand ceremony, Rose ceremony.
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